Pasta Lettieri, Third Party Processing and private label

The Lettieri artisan pasta factory was born from the love of four brothers for pasta, a feeling handed down from their maternal grandfather, an expert pasta maker. In this productive reality, located in a charming town in Tuscany, high quality dry pasta is produced, paying the utmost attention to the genuineness of the raw materials.

-100% Italian wheat, only selected and 100% verified grains at the source

-Bronze drawing, to allow an indisputable porosity

-Slow drying at low temperatures, at least 30 hours of drying to maintain the taste and nutritional properties of the product

-Fresh eggs (in egg products)

- All this allows our pasta to always have a rough, porous appearance, with a thick sheet and always al dente.


Happy to offer our professionalism, we work the flours of our customers both from farmers with worked wheat and made into semolina or from those who have recipes for flour to be transformed into pasta, we work meticulously and professionally respecting the product that has been entrusted to us. We work all types of flour, ancient wheat, Senatore Cappelli, protein and legume flours.

We also offer a Private Label service, starting from scratch and providing us with only the logo, we deliver the pasta to the customer with a label and ready to be marketed.







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